Famous Artist Kim Jung Gi Dies at the Age of 47

A heart attack claimed the life of well-known graphic artist and Guinness World Record holder Kim Jung Gi at the age of 47.
On his official social media, the creator stated that Jung Gi was experiencing severe chest problems while flying from Paris, France, to New York Comic-Con. He was taken to a nearby hospital, had surgery, and was then pronounced dead. You can finally put down your brushes after accomplishing so much for us. I’m appreciative, Jung Gi says as he reads the official statement. You can email Jug Gi’s family to express your appreciation for his efforts.

Kim Jung Gi
Image Credit: Getty Images/. Kim Jung Gi

The wide, razor-sharp paintings of Jung Gi are most known for their extremely lifelike scenes, landscapes, and personalities. Some of his most well-known drawings may be found in his six original sketchbooks, the first of which was published in 2007 and the latest in 2017.

Kim Jung Gi

Kim Jung Gi has contributed to several well-known graphic novels and comic books, including Tiger the Long Tail, Paradis, Third Humanity, and SpyGames. He also collaborated with Marvel and DC Comics a lot. Jung Gi is best known for his films that track the creation of his elaborate, complex friezes. He was able to break the record for the “longest drawing by an individual” thanks to one of these videos.

Kim’s memory, which he has honed over many years, is said to be his most extraordinary creative gift, according to the artist’s official website. “With his ability to paint tremendously difficult images almost accurately from remembrance, without the necessity of references, he has pushed the limitations of what many artists felt was possible.”

She was born in South Korea in 1975, and she received her master’s in art and design from Dong-Eui University in Busan.

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