Observations from the Georgia football game against Missouri as the Bulldogs play it risky in an ugly victory

Mo.’s Columbia — It is quite evident that the Georgia football team is not the nation’s top squad. In a game where it didn’t take the lead until 4:03 left in the fourth quarter.

However, the Bulldogs were able to reduce Missouri’s advantage and ended up winning 26-22. Georgia is currently 5-0 overall and 2-0 in SEC games.

Georgia football
Image Credit: Getty Images. Georgia football

The Bulldogs are evident from the final score. They were almost always behind, committed many turnovers, and didn’t score a touchdown until the middle of the fourth quarter.

Georgia football

The fact that Georgia has a vast talent edge over Missouri was critical for the Bulldogs, as Missouri plainly ran out of steam in the last frame. Due to some great rushing by Daijun Edwards, Georgia’s offensive line was able to gain some momentum and seal the victory late in the game. On Georgia’s last drive, he gained many first downs and scored the game-winning touchdown with 4:03 left.

A squad that had previously appeared unstoppable was very carefully considered a risk. Georgia was unable to get out of its own way until the fourth quarter against Missouri’s strong defensive line all night.

After seeming to be unbeatable in the first four games of the season, Georgia’s performance in that game was undoubtedly their poorest of the year.

Offensive line calamity in the red zone

The fact that Georgia was unable to move the ball in the danger zone shouldn’t come as a surprise. There were conflicts with Samford. Last week against Kent State, Georgia scored three field goals from the extra point.

Georgia football
Image Credit: Getty Images. Georgia football

On Saturday, against Missouri, it did so once more. However, unlike the Kent State game, Georgia was unable to capitalize on the big plays, and its first touchdown didn’t come until the fourth quarter. Even then, the Bulldogs had to convert from fourth down after being stopped on third down.

Let this game serve as proof that explosive plays are important. And why the Georgia offensive line is a cause for worry right now?

Before the game, Kirby Smart made it known that the Tigers possessed a strong defensive front. However, the way things were going, you’d have thought the Bulldogs were playing against the Alabama defensive line from 2016.

Stetson Bennett was fired twice, however it was likely necessary to fire him more frequently. Bennett’s completion percentage of 24 of 44 for 312 yards wasn’t particularly impressive. Additionally, he botched a handoff to Daijun Edwards, which gave Missouri an excellent field position. Bennett’s Heisman campaign, which got underway just a week ago, appears to have come to an abrupt end.

The Bulldogs gained 170 yards on the ground in total, considerably boosted by a couple of powerful runs by Kendall Milton and Kenny McIntosh. Georgia’s second possession of the game resulted in a turnover after a 35-yard rush by Milton. The Georgia turning to Edwards in the closing minutes of the game should be extremely revealing.

Over the course of the season, the Bulldogs’ offensive line has seen rotation. Their depth has been lauded by Smart. The Bulldogs of Georgia rolled with Broderick Jones, Xavier Truss, Sedrick Van Pran, Tate Ratledge, and Warren McClendon when they needed a late drive. We’ll see how the Bulldogs treat this group moving forward, especially in light of some underwhelming performances.

Georgia did make some adjustments in the fourth quarter, scoring touchdowns on two straight drives. With 4:03 left in the game, Daijun Edwards scored a 1-yard touchdown run to give the Bulldogs their first lead of the game.

Money for Missouri comes from Harrison Mevis

Saying a kicker was the greatest player on the field is odd. Much less one that let last week’s failed chip shot field goal against Auburn cost Missouri the game.

Mevis, though, brought in cash for the Tigers all night long. All five of his field goals were successful, including one of 56 yards at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

The Bulldogs only allowed one touchdown on the day, which occurred in the second quarter, despite the Tigers being able to score on a number of spectacular plays. In the second half, the Bulldogs only allowed two field goals. Missouri just managed 294 yards of offence for the whole game.

Georgia didn’t force a turnover for the first time this season, but the defense was still able to play well, especially with Jalen Carter out for the majority of the game. After being struck in the knee, the great defensive lineman departed the game in the second quarter and was declared out.

In the victory, Georgia did record two sacks, with Nolan Smith recording his second of the year.

Kelee Ringo produced a poor effort after being boxed out by Missouri’s Mookie Cooper on a 46-yard reception. On a third-and-17, he also committed a defensive pass interference penalty, which resulted in a first down for the Tigers.

Dreadful first half

Georgia did not fall asleep during the first 30 minutes of this match due to the noon beginning. Just now, the Bulldogs put up a dismal 30 minutes of Georgia football.

Georgia made two turnovers that gave Missouri six points in the first half. The Georgia defense’s longest play of the year, a 63-yard run, was also surrendered by the Bulldogs. After driving far into Missouri’s half of the field on two occasions, it settled for field goals.

The Bulldogs’ problems against the Tigers on Saturday night were exactly the same as those that surfaced against Kent State.

It’s debatable if things should or could have been worse. In order to lengthen their last drive of the half, the Bulldogs pulled off a fake field goal. Bennett gained the first down as he went unimpeded through the line.

On the 63-yard run, Malaki Starks also tackled Missouri running back Cody Schrader just outside the end zone by bringing him down from behind. Immediately after, Missouri made a false start before settling for a field goal. With Missouri defeated by four points, the play turned out to be crucial.

Not only did the first half fall well short of Georgia’s expectations, but it was also blatantly poor Georgia football. It’s obvious that the Bulldogs deserved to be down at the break.

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