By Foot finder How to make money around $5,000 in a month by selling feet pictures on apps and other websites in 2022?

By app and website foot finder how to make money

Could someone purchase your photos of feet and make you profits? This article will help you. Are you aware of the ways to sell your feet photos and what platforms that allow you to sell your foot photos? I know some individuals might find this concept of selling photos of feet odd, but I assure you there’s an entire category of people selling photos of feet and making money.

foot finder how to make money
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Selling photos of feet are legal and legitimate and is a great way to earn a profit. There is a huge market in a place where more buyers are looking to purchase photos of feet for a variety of motives, including those who have a fetish. However, some people consider your foot pictures to be a good idea to be a good addition to blogs or any other content.

We were out on an evening out, and my girlfriend requested me to take a photograph. I thought she wanted us to take the whole body, but it turned out that she pointed the camera toward our feet. This could be quite an Instagram or TikTok thing; however, some people love this idea. Pictures of feet.

foot finder how to make money
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Who is the person who buys foot pictures?

When you’re selling something, it’s crucial to know who would like to buy your feet pictures. Selling nudes is more feasible than selling their feet photos. However, selling feet pictures is a real possibility, and there are lots of different people and businesses that are willing to pay for your pictures of feet.

The following kind of people are those who would be interested in purchasing pictures of your feet

  1. People with feet Fetish: Yes, there are people who like the idea of looking at feet or having a Feet Fetish. People who have Foot Fetish love to receive professionally designed pictures of their feet.
  2.  Authors and bloggers: Some bloggers who write about topics that are related to feet might want to showcase your photos of feet on their site. This is the reason they purchased the domain in the first place. They are granted the copyright to use it in their blog articles.
  3.  Businesses: Some companies bought feet pictures because they could require them in a future project and are willing to pay for the designers.

How do you sell foot pictures via social media?

Social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram are great for creatives looking to sell photos that show their feet. For instance, with Instagram, people like to share and participate with their followers by sharing foot photos with their fans. In the end, hashtags such as #feetpics or #myfeet are well-known to a large number of users.

foot finder how to make money
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Similar to this, many Facebook groups, as well as Subreddits on Reddit, are r/feet-related, with more than 240,000 followers. This again illustrates the potential of reaching the right audience and opening your business to the possibility of more sales.

However, the issue is: how can people purchase feet photos with your company? Interested clients contact you via all social networks, and they request a picture of their feet with specific specifications. Then, you request the price, which could be an additional fee per foot photo and earning profit.

How can you use Onlyfans to market your pictures of your feet? I’ve got an article on it that discusses: Onlyfans as a true social media platform, and you can build a subscription-based company around selling photos of feet.

However, there are many social media platforms that can be used to sell photos of your feet. For instance, we will take you through the entire process of learning and marketing your feet photos on various marketplace and social media platforms.

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How can I sell foot pictures via Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is a site that is subscription-based that allows you to receive monthly subscribers as well as personal demands from followers. You then charge them additional fees. Onlyfans is extremely popular in the world of adult-oriented content producers, and you could use them for the same purpose of selling your feet photos.

foot finder how to make money
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The advantage of using the Onlyfans account is that you are able to make your account more popular by using feet images, but only people who pay the monthly fixed cost are able to view your content.

In my opinion, Onlyfans is the ideal platform for content creators who are adults. For instance, Monica Huldt is making more than $100,000 annually from creating explicit material, she stated during an interview with BusinessInsider.

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How do you make money selling fee-based images through Onlyfans?

The procedure is as follows;

  1. Make an account at Onlyfans and select an account username. Once you have verified yourself and you’ll be able to earn money.
  2. Create Your Onlyfans page with foot images. Keep it up and upload at least 3 times per every day to Onlyfans. This will assist you later on.
  3. Use social media platforms such as Instagram, Reddit, Facebook and Pinterest to bring more people on the Onlyfans page.
  4. Make sure you optimize your Onlyfans page by providing a clear bio, and also the kind of content that you upload to make it easy to understand what they can expect when paying you a monthly cost.
  5. Don’t stop the uploading of content.

What is the best price you can offer for selling feet photos?

Alternatively, How much do I need to pay for feet pictures?

foot finder how to make money
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Well, it depends. If you’re a popular following using social networks, you may get a price of $20-$30 per photo of feet. The best thing you can ensure is that your pictures of feet are designed and taken professionally by a photographer with the right angle. It is then possible to sell it at a higher price by presenting it professionally.

If you’re a newbie, the best thing you can do is make use of social media platforms like Instagram and Onlyfans and charge $5 or less per foot-long photo to grow your followers.

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Websites or apps explicitly designed for creators who are interested in selling foot pictures:

You can also use these three platforms besides selling photos of feet via social media or Onlyfans. Everything is based around feet, and your audience is keen to find the top feet photos.

Selling Feet Pictures On FeetFinder:

FeetFinder is among the most secure websites for selling feet photos and videos. The users who wish to sell pictures of feet are verified, which is why the site has a highly safe environment for users and buyers. According to the company, the models have earned more than $90,000, and there are many great reviews on Foot Fetish. Foot Fetish sites. FeetFinder is among the top websites for all things photos of feet.

foot finder how to make money
foot finder how to make money, foot finder how to make money, foot finder how to make money

FeetFinder is among the top websites for selling photos of feet on the internet and also assists you in remaining anonymous. This video tutorial is to help you get started: how selling photos of feet functions with FeetFinder

Sell Feet Pics on Onlyfans:

You can sell photos of feet to buyers on Onlyfans quickly. The great thing about selling pictures of feet on Onlyfans is that since it is a social media website that allows you to build an audience on the site and earn more money when you fill Your Onlyfans area with additional information (adding other photos of feet)

One of the significant disadvantages of using Onlyfans to sell feet pictures is that you must actively advertise it on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Reddit, and blogs.

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Selling Feet Photos on the Foap App:

foot finder how to make money
foot finder how to make money, foot finder how to make money, foot finder how to make money

If you’re an iPhone user, then the Foap application is the best choice to market your photographs. Buyers can purchase one image from you through your Foap app. Once you’ve created an account in the Foap application, head into the section for uploads, and upload photos of your feet. It is also possible to add the price tag on your foot pictures.

Sell Feet Pictures on Instagram:

foot finder how to make money
Men use smartphones to social media on vacation at home, use social media to talk to social distancing ,Working From Home concept. foot finder how to make money, foot finder how to make money Credit:Getty.

On Instagram, it is possible to sell photos of feet directly or indirectly. The most significant benefit of Instagram is that you can reach your target group of followers (audience who love feet) by creating a separate page selling feet on the platform and remaining consistently using the app.

There are a variety of Instagram hashtags you can use to sell photos of feet, like #feet, #feetlovers, #instafoot, and numerous others. I have explained in-depth on this blog: Selling feet pics on Instagram.

foot finder how to make money
foot finder how to make money,foot finder how to make money Credit: Getty

You have two options. You can utilize Instagram to market your feet pictures. The first method is when clients reach you directly via DMs or DMs, and the other way is to direct your followers to other platforms on which you can offer them photos of your feet. I’ve explained these in greater detail in the article that I have provided above.

Many creators earn more than $200 daily from selling foot pictures via these sites.

Here are a few tips and tricks for making more money from selling photos of your feet

Here are a few suggestions for those who want to begin selling foot pictures;

  1. There are many platforms to join and expand your horizons of selling feet pictures to a broader audience. However, the more buyers you have, the greater profits you can earn.
  2.  Use social media platforms and your written content to promote your Onlyfans page or find other customers on your feet.
  3.  Do not charge more Instead, and you should find more customers to increase your revenue. Additionally, you can set a minimum amount of subscription fees to Your Onlyfans page.
  4.  Consider pursuing more professional foot photography when you earn more cash. This will help you gain more customers and produce high-quality work.
  5.  Exploration: You can take various feet pictures and identify the ones your target audience enjoys the most.

I hope you all guys got the answer of below question in my article, If you have more query, please comments here, so I will update this article accordingly.

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