Dogechain Token Price Triples in 7 Days

Data from CoinGecko shows that the price of the Dogechain token has more than tripled in the previous week, a Polygon Edge-based smart contract platform for the well-known meme token dogecoin.

Image Credit: Getty Images, Dogecoin


The project involving dogecoin is heating up. It is not the first time. A “great burn” is being voted on by the neighborhood.

The value of the token, Dogechain, started to rise on Friday when it was trading at $0.0004, and it eventually reached a high of $0.0018 on Sunday. Since reaching its record high at the end of August, the token had not traded at such levels.

The DC token has previously swung wildly. Between August and September, it decreased by 90%, going from around $0.004 to $0.0004.

Dogechain, Dogecoin
Image Credit: Getty Images, Dogecoin

The market capitalization of Dogechain, which was introduced in the middle of August, is currently $46 million. According to data from on-chain trackers, $5.8 million has been secured on Dogechain-based items.

According to the website, the Dogechain community is now voting on a “great burn” proposal that would shorten the vesting period from 48 to six months for the remaining Early Shibes airdrops and cut the overall supply of the token by 80% equally across all allocations. 99% of the votes cast so far are in favor.

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